We’re Open During The Crisis.

We will be taking every step necessary to make sure that we’re healthy and that we respect your health, too.

We live in turbulent times and there is every reason to be cautious during the CoronaVirus outbreak and in observing St. Louis City and County regulations put in place to combat the spread of the virus.

We are offering a couple of ways to minimize your exposure and still make sure your car is running and your family is safe:

We are offering a drop-off service. You do not have to wait around while we work on your car.

We are accepting online payments or we’ll take your credit card over the phone. Minimizing contact is a smart way to avoid contact and the possibility of transmitting any kind of virus.

And, if you do come in, we have plenty of hand sanitizer to help keep your hands germ-free.

We’ll get through these times and keep moving.

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