Winterize your St. Louis car

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas from Cyclone Car Care.

The sudden drop in St. Louis temperatures can make starting your St. Louis car, truck, or van, much more difficult. Cold temperatures tax your auto battery and alternator.

It’s important to make sure your car is ready for winter. Cyclone Car Care, your trusted and trained St. Louis auto mechanics, are ready to help you winterize your car.

In addition to making sure your battery is in good running order, it’s a great idea to also check your antifreeze, radiator, tires, windshield wipers and more. Old man winter can make it tough to start your ride.

Here are some of the things we look for when we’re preparing your car for winter:

  1. Snow Tires. Snow tires are designed especially for the rigors and demands of winter driving.
  2. Inspect your hoses and belts. Your hoses and belts take a beating all year, but especially during winter.
  3. Check the antifreeze. The antifreeze is the lifeblood of your heating and cooling system.
  4. Check tire pressure. For each 10 degrees drop in temperature, your tires lose approximately a pound of air.
  5. Check your battery. Cold weather taxes your battery. Make sure your battery will start your car quickly.

Also, consider preparing a winter driving emergency kit. Some of the things you might want to keep in your car include the following:

  1. A warm blanket.
  2. A first aid kit.
  3. An ice scraper with a snow brush.
  4. Flares, reflectors or a flashlight.
  5. Rock salt, kitty litter, sand or some other substance for traction.
  6. A snow shovel.
  7. Jumper cables.
  8. Extra winter clothing like boots or gloves.

Keep safe this winter and make sure your ride is ready to power through winter. Cyclone Car Care can help you prepare to keep your car, van, truck or fleet, on the road all winter.