Local Mechanic

“Compared to some of the big box auto shops, Cyclone Car Care may be small but the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and effective. I have been using Cyclone for over a year and a half now for my higher mileage small SUV and have been very satisfied with their service and prices. I had been using the dealer but at over 100K, I needed to find a decent, honest, local mechanic for routine servicing and repair.”

“A few days ago, I noticed a funny noise which appeared to be coming from the front passenger wheel area when going around left-hand corners. Chris identified the problem immediately on hearing it. My AC drain had blocked and it was water hissing as it hit the hot surface. It was unblocked and I was on my way.”

“Chris is the real deal. He will give you a straight answer, price and advice. He is part of the local business community and clearly values being known for excellent service and not jacking up bills. Cyclone was recommended to me by a friend. I am very happy to recommend Cyclone on in return.”–Christine C.