Before You Hit the Road.

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st louis auto brakes

Before you hit the road for Thanksgiving and a trip out of town, make sure your St. Louis car, van, SUV, or truck, is ready to go the distance.

Weather forecasts are predicting a lot of rain and possibly even snow well before Christmas. Are your car’s brakes, tires, windshield wipers, and heater ready? Are you sure?

Cyclone Car Care, your trusted St. Louis auto maintenance and repair, ASE-Certified mechanics, are ready to get your ride ready for Thanksgiving trips and winter driving.

We want you and your family to be safe year-round, but especially this time of year when there are millions of motorists on the road and nasty weather on the way.

Is Your St. Louis Auto AC Ready?

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St. Louis auto AC servicing

The heat and humidity that St. Louis is infamous for, is back, and with a vengeance. If you think it seems like it’s getting hotter every summer, you’d be correct. According to NOAA, last summer was the fourth hottest summer in the US in 124 years! 2019 is already heating up, and there’s little reason to think it won’t be as hot as last summer.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a hot car with an inefficient or failing air conditioner, stuck in traffic, during a hellish commute on Highway 40, just running errands, or driving around the Lou on the weekend.

No matter your destination, traveling and arriving in a hot car is one way to get into a bad mood fast. The boiling, scorching St. Louis heat can drain your strength, rob you of your comfort, and even drain your wallet by increasing fuel consumption and reducing overall auto efficiency.

Luckily, St. Louis drivers have Cyclone Car Care, your trusted St. Louis auto AC experts. Chill out with an efficient, fully-charged, fully-functional, AC system blasting refreshing cold air and helping you keep your own cool.

For a limited time only, Cyclone Car Care, your trusted St. Louis auto repair pros, are offering a St. Louis auto AC inspection and servicing for just $94.99. Cyclone Car Care will conduct a thorough AC inspection, administer a dye test (for leaks) and will even recharge your system with up to two pounds of freon!

If Cyclone discovers a more serious issue with your AC like a failed compressor, damaged evaporator, vacuum leak, failing O-ring, etc., they’ll shoot you straight and give you an accurate, fair price for repairs or replacement.

Don’t lose your cool, stick to your seat or sweat the drive, drop on by Cyclone Car Care, and regain your cool today.

Auto Repair Savings

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Cyclone Car Care


Five Ways To Save During Cyclone Car Care’s 15th Anniversary Sale!

Cyclone Car Care has been in the business of fixing and maintaining you and your family’s vehicles for 15 years now! As a way of saying thank you for the business over the years, we want to offer our customers five great, money-saving offers!

  1. Buy any shocks and struts and get free labor, plus $15 off your alignment.
  2. Get $15 off a coolant flush when you purchase radiator hoses.
  3. Buy any two drive train services (front or rear diff service and/or transmission service), get $15 0ff.
  4. For only $27.99, get an oil change, set of wiper blades and a 36-point winter check-up.
  5. Buy four tires and get $15 off the alignment.

You won’t find this deal cheaper anywhere else! Make your appointment today at 314-843-3800!

St. Louis Shocks and Struts Special.

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Cyclone Car Care is back at with great deals that save you money on your St. Louis automotive repairs and maintenance needs. For a limited time, we’re offering FREE labor on shocks and struts when you buy front and back struts or shocks. That’s huge savings.  At most St. Louis auto dealerships, their labor charges can’t add up to hundreds of dollars. Why throw away your money on the big boys?

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, your St. Louis auto pros will also perform an alignment for $10.00 off if you also purchase the struts or shocks special above.

But wait, if you do both, Cyclone will throw in a FREE oil change! That’s just crazy. Enjoy the savings and keep your car, truck, van or fleet running safer, better, longer and more efficiently.


Still The Cheapest St. Louis Oil Change.

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Cyclone Car Care, your trusted St. Louis auto mechanics, still offer the cheapest St. Louis oil changes$14.99 for a new filter and oil.  Making sure you get regular oil changes is the best way to extend the life of your engine and car. Forget the big oil places that try to upsell you on services you may not even need. We beat Jiffy Lube, Dobbs, and more. When you need a St. Louis oil change, Cyclone is your first and last destination.

St Louis auto AC special.

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You know how hot and humid St. Louis summers can be. Driving around without AC saps your strength, can make you dizzy, uncomfortable and turn the morning commute and afternoon drive home, into a hot mess.

Well, there’s no reason to sweat your car’s AC, Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis auto AC specialists, are here with a hot deal that will keep you and yours cool and comfortable.

For a limited time, and a low, low price of $91.99, Cyclone Car Care will conduct a thorough AC inspection, dye test (for leaks) and will even recharge your system with up to two pounds of freon!

Don’t lose your cool, stick to your seat or sweat the drive, drop on by Cyclone Car Care and regain your cool.

Cyclone Adds Emissions and Safety Inspections.

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Missouri Safety Inspections

To serve our St. Louis customers better, Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis auto repair specialists, are now offering both Missouri-required emissions and safety inspections. We can help you take care of both all under one roof. If you fail either your Missouri emissions or safety inspections and need any required repairs, we’ll let you know and how much on the spot. There’s no need to drive all over St. Louis searching for all these services, we have it all.

St Louis AC.

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We don’t have to tell you how dang hot it is in St. Louis. It’s the kind of heat that socks you in the kisser and knocks you for a loop. It’s even worse if you’re driving around in a really hot car. Keep your cool and stay cool. Drop on by Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis auto AC specialists and get your system checked out. Maybe you just need a top off on the freon. Maybe your AC is on the fritz and about to leave you in the heat.  Either way, we can help make sure your AC is blowing ice cold.

Hot, Humid St Louis Summers Are On The Way.

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If you’ve lived in St. Louis for any amount of time, you know too well how hot and humid our St. Louis summers can get. When it comes to your car, van or truck, a non-functioning AC or a poorly working AC can make your commute hellish. Well, don’t despair, get some cold air! Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis AC experts, have a great offer with cool savings. For a limited time only, Cyclone is offering a $99.00 AC special. Receive an AC inspection, an evacuation and a recharge of up to two pounds of freon. Don’t stew in the summer heat. Stay cool and comfortable.

Shock Specials

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We have a limited number of coupons to give on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis.

We have FOUR coupons available for Buy 4 shocks/struts for the price of 3! The first four customers to inquire about this deal will get it.

We also have “get $75 back or $50 back” when you purchase two qualifying struts.

Our final deal will give you up to $80 back when you purchase one qualifying muffler, catalytic converter or both.

Call for more details.
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