St. Louis Spring Stresses Brakes and Windshield Wipers.

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St. Louis weather is never dull or predictable. The last few weeks have seen record rainfall, snow, and high winds. Is your St. Louis auto, truck or van ready to make sudden stops when the roads are slick? Are you brakes going to help you drive safely, or put you, your family or employees in danger? If you haven’t had your brakes checked in a while, now is the time to have Cyclone Car Care, your trusted St. Louis auto mechanics, give it a thorough check. We can replace your brake pads, turn your rotors and make the adjustments that can help your brakes stay at peak performance. Don’t forget your windshield wiper blades. If they’re worn or torn, they may not keep your view clear and unobstructed.

Winter Car Blues.

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winterize your car

Winterize your St. Louis car with Cyclone Car Care.

Cold weather and record-low temperatures are no fun. Winter is really tough on your car. Your car’s battery, starter, heater and other engine components all have to work harder than they do during mild weather. If your ride isn’t starting easily, is running rough, or your heater is blowing cold air, it’s time to see your winter auto specialists, Cyclone Car Care. Conveniently located in Webster Groves and close to Affton, Shrewsbury, Marlborough, Sunset Hills and Kirkwood, is the ASE-certified St. Louis auto shop you need. We know how to help winterize your car and keep her running any time of the year.

Want a $9.99 St. Louis Oil Change?


At Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis auto repair destination, we believe in giving back to our community and helping families in need, celebrate a real Christmas.

In the spirit of giving, we are offering a $9.99 oil change. That’s right, $9.99. What’s the catch? The “catch” is we’d like you to give, too.

To receive your $9.99 St. Louis oil change, donate a new and unwrapped toy or children’s coat/gloves/hat to our South County location off Watson Road. Get a great deal for a good cause now until before Christmas.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cyclone Car Care.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our St. Louis customers, our employees, friends, and family a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving. At Cyclone Car Care, we are extremely thankful for all our blessings. We’ll be back Friday to serve all your needs.

St Louis auto special

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For only $27.99, get an oil change, winter check-up, a set of NEW wiper blades and a charging system check.

ALSO, receive a FREE Missouri safety inspection when you get a safety and emissions test done together!

Ready to make an appointment? Call us at 314-843-3800!

Cyclone Adds Emissions and Safety Inspections.

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Missouri Safety Inspections

To serve our St. Louis customers better, Cyclone Car Care, your St. Louis auto repair specialists, are now offering both Missouri-required emissions and safety inspections. We can help you take care of both all under one roof. If you fail either your Missouri emissions or safety inspections and need any required repairs, we’ll let you know and how much on the spot. There’s no need to drive all over St. Louis searching for all these services, we have it all.

Enjoy Labor Day.


At Cyclone Car Care, we want to wish our employees, family, neighbors, and customers a happy and safe Labor Day. We celebrate hard work and the men and women that built this country.

Hurricane Harvey May Increase Gas Prices In St. Louis


In addition to the devastation and misery, our friends in Texas may experience after Hurricane Harvey, there will also be a big hit on oil production and refinery capacity. This will most likely increase prices at the pump. Gas prices have been very low in the last few months, but that could change in the blink of an eye. Now may be the time to consider any auto maintenance that you’ve been putting off.   Keep your tires inflated, have routine oil changes, keep your filters clean and make sure you get your car, van or truck tuned up.  Cyclone Car Care can help you keep your car in top performance and getting the most from every gallon of gas.

Cyclone Car Care Has a New Electronic Sign.

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Gas Prices Reach All-Time Lows.

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If you’re a St. Louis driver, you’ve probably noticed that gas prices are pretty low. Of course, low prices is all relative. Historically, however, gas prices haven’t been this low in almost over a decade. Strangely, gas consumption is actually down. Americans are driving less. Some of this is attributable to more and more people telecommuting or working from home offices. Well, for most St. Louisans, a car, truck or van is still a necessity. At Cyclone Car Care, we can keep your ride on the road longer and help you improve gas mileage through routine maintenance and recommended services. Getting the most out of every gallon of gas and saving money never goes out of style. And, just remember, what goes down, can go up.